About Talking During the Movie

Talking During the Movie is a weekly film podcast run by Mike and James, two Western Washington University journalism graduates. Put another way, we're the show where two nobodies talk about new movies and movie news.

We get it: we're nobody important, and you have no reason to listen to us, specifically. If you do listen, though, you'll find top-notch film discussion and criticism by people who are much more than casual move-goers.

Why are we a week behind? For one, we have to go to the theatre like everyone else. On the other hand: we're not as concerned with simply answering the question: "Should I go see this movie?" We want to do more with our reviews, which requires more reflection than seeing the movie on Thursday and reviewing it on Friday.

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Review policy: Our reviews are spoiler-filled. We will do our best to give a spoiler warning before we broach that territory, but our purpose for reviewing movies is not just a "should I see it?" We dig into the films we review, and we often can't have meaningful discussions without discussing spoilers.

Listen below for our policy on star ratings (i.e. 4/5 7.3/10, etcetera).

Intro music: "The Haunted Hotel" by SackJo22, licensed under CC 3.0 with full copyright retained by the artist. Find more by this artist here.