Mike and James: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Episode #18: Mike and James review "The Gift," their first movie that isn't a week old when the episode comes out, in addition to "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" and "Dark Places."

And let's not forget a lengthy discussion of everything that's wrong with "Fantastic Four" director Josh Trank, and his comments about his recent four-headed disaster.

Total run time: 1:33:42

Here are the timestamps for this episode:

"Deadpool" trailer - (6:05)

Josh Trank tries to disown "Fantastic Four" - (13:10)

"Fantastic Four" tanks at the box office -(24:10)

"Dark Places" review and discussion of Gillian Flynn's source material - (28:55)

"Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" review (47:51)

"The Gift" review - (69:47)