X-Men Origins: Mike and James

Episode #35 (for real this time): It's the Ryan Reynolds extravaganza on Talking During the Movie. Not only do we give a strangely high-brow critique of "Deadpool," including discussion of David Foster Wallace, but James puts forth the movie "Buried" as evidence that Ryan Reynolds is a better actor than he gets credit for.

There was also discussion of the BAFTAs and writer's guild awards and what either of those can mean for the Oscars, but we're pretty sure Alejandro G. Inarritu disabled the recorder for that discussion.

Oh well.

Total run time: 1:24:59

Here are the time stamps for this episode:

The revenge of Inarritu - (4:48)

"Deadpool" review - (5:23)

"Buried," a Forgotten Favorite - (44:54)