Hillary's America: The Secret History of Mike and James

Episode #51: Mike and James are back from a long, computer-breakdown-induced hiatus to review both "Ghostbusters" and "Star Trek: Beyond."

But first, we touch on the shocking Blair Witch-related news out of Comic Con, and discuss the growing trend of biopics at the Oscars.

Also, James' cat Merlin makes a surprise guest appearance.

Total run time: 1:47:06

Here are the time-stamps for this episode:

New Rogue One Footage released - (9:09)

"The Founder" pushed back to awards season, and the continued trend of Biopics - (16:47)

The Woods is actually "Blair Witch" - (27:41)

"Star Trek: Beyond" review - (40:49)

"Ghostbusters" review - (1:01:56)