The Mike and James: An Unexpected Journey

Episode #54: Mike and James review Sausage Party! You'll also find reflection on the Rogue One story trailer and a discussion about how critics often attempt, with poor results, to intellectualize comedy films.

And then we set the record straight about Seth Rogan's The Interview.

Total run time: 1:59:46

Here are the time stamps for this episode:

Rogue One Trailer released - (6:07)

*Tangent* Suicide Sqaud's terrible use of music - (8:26)

Rogue One's advertising campaign is one of the best ever - (13:34)

Adam Sandler is in the Criterion Collection, and the complex nature of Auteur Theory - (34:15)

Sausage Party review - (46:48)

On the Contrary with The Interview - (1:37:37)